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Imagine running an advertising campaign that brings in new customers forever. That's inbound.


Unlike traditional “outbound” ads (radio, television, online banner ads, etc.), in-video YouTube sponsorships generate “inbound” customers. Since the sponsored-content remains on YouTube forever, the content will continue to receive views long after the video goes live.


Set ROI targets with specific timelines and further protect your advertising campaign investments with performance-based covenants (e.g, min. viewership requirements on sponsored videos, min. conversion requirements for ROI, etc.).

Quantifiable Results

With publicly available YouTube viewership data, you can track precisely how many viewers saw your advertisement (for purposes of quantifying brand awareness), as well as all KPI-conversion related data for each stage of your product or service’s funnel (CTR rate, bounce rate, page visits, sales generated, etc.).

Inbound & Targeted

Using advanced demographic data from the YouTube dashboard (i.e, age, gender, geographic location, etc.) in addition to the influencer’s genre of content, we will pair you with the best influencers suited to promote your brand.

Creative Integration

Our world-class team of copyrighters will craft a creative message tailored specifically to get you results.

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